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Logan O'Brien


 Logan's list of favorite internet links
 The Home Page of Annica Stromquist


Check out the best web site for kid actors around.  Kris keeps the boards friendly and up to date - just what us kids need!


I'm a KWAC-er.   Check out what kids can do for other kids.


Make your own films!   Web address compliments of Annica.



A loved pet is not gone until they are forgotten.  Put a permanent tribute to your pet on this site!
 Build-A-Bear Workshop

Everyone will love this site!




These are the guys, along with David Ferry and Ray Flores, who started the skateboarding culture right here in Southern California!
    http://www.z-boys.com          http://www.onionskin.com/pop
 Josh Groban

Josh Groban is an inspiration to me.

 Exene Cervenka

She's a cool mom and an inspiration to many.

 Perceval Press

Get all your Viggo Mortensen books here!

Young Filmmakers Club

Buy my videos!  Produced by Tom Gertsch.

Tree People
Tree People’s mission is to inspire the people of Los Angeles to take personal responsibility for the urban forest.  Planting a tree is a powerful gift of life, and this place teaches you the value of preserving nature.

 Lucy's Logan Page

Lucy Frost is a great friend of mine. Here's the website she's made for me!

 Logan's Lodge

 Jia Min is a talented artist and a great friend. She's made this site
 for me - and it's a lot of fun!

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