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 What's new with Logan??
July, 2004
It’s all been good since I last updated this section. My main focus these last months has been school. I went to College last fall, 2003 from August to December. I took French 1 for 5 college credits and I am happy to say I got an A for my permanent college record. For the spring semester, in 2004, I took Theater Arts and I was part of the “running crew” which is the crew directly involved with the stage production, as opposed to the crew that does the set. I got an A and I worked very hard for it. I got assigned to “lighting” and I was responsible for working the light board for each performance, for the stage lighting in general, and the house lights. Since the end of the last school year and for this summer, I will be accelerating. I’ll be finished with the 8th grade soon after school starts in September and will be starting the 9th. I will be done with 7th-8th-9th grades in two years. :D

The second video/DVD in Producer Tom Gertsch’s The Young Filmmaker’s Club series, “The Young Filmmaker’s Club: Digital Video Editing” is out! I am the host for the series. You can find out all about it at http://www.youngfilmmakersclub.com There is going to be a screening of the video on July 11th in Los Angeles.

Here’s some new about my video series that I am producing. “All About….Skateboarding!” is the first one in the series and the series was almost a PBS TV show, but it didn’t work out. That’s okay for now. We are screening a shortened version of my video on Sunday, July 11th, along with Tom Gertsch’s film. The screening is by special invitation only.

I had a really good birthday vacation in January in Sweden with Anni. She took me to the highest mountain in Sweden, at Are (you say it mostly like “o-rah”) to snowboard. We shot some stills and some snowboarding footage for the next video in my series that will be about snowboarding. I really love to snowboard. Skateboarding helped a lot to get me to a quick start in mastering snowboarding. Anni took me to the ice castle that is north of Are, on my birthday. It was surreal there, and the waffles we had after were the best I ever had.

There will be some new sections on my website soon. First will be a new Interviews section and next there will be a really cool way for everyone to see some of my old work photos. I might call it my Photo Scrapbook.

I booked a small part in the new movie that is coming out April 22, 2005, called “Serenity.” I am so happy just to be a small part of Director Joss Whedan’s new film. The movie is a spin off of the 2002 TV series “Firefly”. I’ll tell you more about it when the release date gets closer, and post a few pictures that we were bold enough to take on the set. I have spent hours watching the “Firefly” DVD series that I bought and I can only say I am hooked on the whole “Serenity” universe. The film already has a huge fan base because of the original series.

I am still doing charitable events with Kids With A Cause (KWAC). Going to the Door of Faith orphanage in Mexico last September was a hugely rewarding experience, and even though there were lots of fun things to do and see, and great amounts of delicious food to eat on the cruise itself, my memories always come back to the kids I saw at the orphanage. It was a very special time also because Wuv, my message board attorney (ha ha), traveled from England to visit me in L.A. and then went with me, and my family, on the cruise. The best KWAC events for me were at the Build-A-Bear Workshops. In the Hollywood store, we made bears with foster kids, and in the West Los Angeles store, we made bears for children whose parents were in Iraq.

The last week in June, I filmed a segment for a USC Film School Director – Michael Hendrix, who is doing a documentary on child actors. The full length film has yet to be titled and is in the process of being edited. The film will premier this August.

One of the best things that happened this year was in June. It was seeing Melanie and Duane, my best friends who live in Nevada now. They are both doing well with home schooling. Mel is still singing. Her voice got more powerful and beautiful, and Duane is wrestling and snowboarding. Lucky!

September 2003
It was a good summer! A trip to Ireland, learning to horseback ride, chess camp ... Logan attended several Kids With A Cause events, including the Whole Foods Market Back To School Fund Raiser, Camp Bay Watch for inner city kids, the L.A. Mission End of Summer Block Party and the planning committee meetings for Cruise With A Cause which will go to the Door of Faith Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico, on September 19th-22nd.

Its a wrap! for Tom Gertsch's Young Filmmakers Club - Volume 2, "Digital Video Editing," for which Logan is the host.  See photos here!

In the works - Logan's video project, which was conceived of by Logan and for which Logan is the Executive Producer, is a go! More news soon!

Logan was accepted to college as a regular student after interview with the Dean, and has already begun attending classes in French 1. His grade will be a permanent part of his college record.

June 2003

Logan is hard at work on the Kids With A Cause, "Cruise With A Cause" Committee which is planning the September cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, where the celebrity youths will meet with the children of a selected orphanage, bringing them food, clothing, blankets, school supplies and toys.  See photos here!

Logan begins the voice over portion of the second video in the Young Filmmakers Series called "Digital Video Editing". The video starts production the first week of July.

April 14th, 2003
The Young Filmmakers Club's first video of the series, "Video Camera Techniques," hosted by Logan O'Brien, produced by Thomas Gertsch, and directed by Bry Sanders, has been selected to participate in the 2003, 9th Annual International Family Film Festival's West Coast screening which will be held from April 25-May 3, 2003. A "by invitation only" screening for the cast and crew members will be held on April 25th. Winning films will be presented in a second screening on the East Coast from September 11-15, 2003.  See photos here!

The DVD version of The Young Filmmakers Club - "Video Camera Techniques" will be available beginning June, 2003. http://www.youngfilmmakersclub.com

Logan begins shooting the second video in the Young Filmmakers Club video series in July, 2003. The video production will be about editing, with Logan as it's host.

Catch Logan on the Disney Channel beginning in April, 2003, in Disney's new short segments on "Cool Pets." The segment features Logan and his sister Molly O'Brien, a pot-bellied pig.

March 12th, 2003
Logan competes at the end of March in the SoCal Youth Challenge 2003 Fencing Competition, sponsored by The Beverly Hills Fencers' Club.  See photos here!

March 12th, 2003
Logan is being sponsored by In-N-Out Burger for the March 23rd, 2003 Kids With A Cause, 4th Annual Academy Awards Benefit event, "Hearts of Stars."  This fund-raising event, for KWAC members and guests, helps KWAC with its mission to bring happiness and hope for a better tomorrow to less fortunate youth and teens.  Logan earned the sponsorship by being one of KWAC's top five members attending charity events.

March 12th, 2003
Watch for Logan and his pig-sister, Molly O'Brien, on The Disney Channel beginning April 1st.  Logan and Molly will appear in Disney's new short program spots, "Kids and Their Pets."

Logan and his family have just returned from their trip to Scandinavia, where Logan filmed part of the second video in the "KidSports" series called "All About.....Snowboarding." Logan is the Executive Producer of the video series.

Logan has been chosen, along with 10 other Kids With A Cause members, to serve a 6 month term as a KWAC Board Member. Board members are the voice of the organization, choose the causes KWAC supports, vote on financial matters and continue to develop the Kids With A Cause organization. The first Board Meeting in 2003 will be held on Friday, January 17th.

The first video in the Young Filmmaker's Club series, "Young Filmmaker's Club: Video Camera Techniques," in which Logan is the host for the video, has been chosen as a finalist in the New York 2002 International Film and Video Festival competition. The video was nominated in the A Film and Video, Non-Broadcast category and received 3.5 out of 4 stars by it's reviewers. Tom Gertsch is the video's Producer and Writer and Bry Sanders is the Director.  See photos here!

Logan will be attending the Saturday, January 18th KWAC event called "School On Wheels." This event teams up In & Out Burger, Kids With A Cause and School on Wheels. KWAC members will distribute and serve more than 250 lunches to kids and their families and spend time interacting with the kids from School On Wheels, a program where hundreds of volunteers drive across L.A. County to shelters to tutor, 1:1, children whose homelessness prevents them from getting a solid academic education. School On Wheels and KWAC believe that education is a key to self esteem and hope.

Logan will be an award presenter, along with KidActor, Myles Jeffrey, at The International Academy of Performing Arts OMNI Awards Gala Benefit, on Sunday, January 19th. These awards honor after school enrichment programs and provide scholarships for financially challenged students. OMNI's philosophy is that no child should be left behind because of lack of arts education or financial inability. Linda Finnegan will receive an Honorary OMNI Humanitarian Award for her work as the Executive Director of Kids With A Cause.


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